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Russian market it is 50% growth of ecommerce every year,
Enormous potential: In the year 2022 the share of online sales in Russia is 13%, in China 65%

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SellerPort is...

Our SELLERPORT team is the largest fulfillment operator for online stores and marketplaces in the South of the Russian Federation since 2021.

4 warehouses (Moscow, 2 warehouses in Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar) more than 5,000 square meters of warehouse space, 80+ employees.

English speaking staff

Strong background in custom clearance, logistics, extensive experience as Seller in launching the new products on the market.

Advantages of operating directly from Russia:

Significant increase in sales volumes

Availability of goods in warehouses in the Russia, instant shipment of orders (delivery time 1-2 days), delivery of orders from China takes + -30 days

Better ranking of goods on the shipping planform if the goods located in warehouses in Russia

Significant cost savings per shipment

Dealing with returns (consolidation of returns in a warehouse in Russia)

Dealing with defects and complaints (consolidation in the Russian Federation for a one-time shipment back to the manufacturer, or organization of procces of elimination of defects on the spot in Russia)

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Our team will set up all your business processes in Russia and accompany them:

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— Initial product and niche analysis on the Russian market

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— Calculation of the cost and potential gross profit by unit in Russia

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— Product adaption on the Russian market

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— Customs clearance and product certification

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— Storage, preparation and packaging of goods

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— Create a seller account on the main online retailer’s platforms ( WB, YM, OZON)

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— Determine a selling plan and marketing strategy

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— Delivery of your goods to online operator’s warehouses

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